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Updated on November 27, 2021
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Total AQ Hotel Rooms 52 Bedrooms
Partner Hospital Kasemrad Hospital

Please remember that you must meet all the additional covid entry requirements, and this includes applying for a Certificate of Entry (COE) to enter Thailand as well.

Alternative Quarantine hotels are in very high demand right now which is why we advise making your booking requests sooner rather than later to ensure you can get the room/package you desire.

Hot This hotel has received 48 recent booking requests. hurry up!

Booking requests put you in direct contact with the Bella B All Suites Hotel in a prioritized manner, and Bella B All Suites Hotel will directly collect payment from you.


Maximum of 1 Adult, 1 Child, 1 Infant
Bangkok View 40
฿34,000 - 14 Day AQ
฿27,500 - 10 Day AQ
฿13,800 - 7 Day Sandbox
฿4,200 - 1 Day Test & Go


  • 7-Eleven Purchase
  • HDMI Cable
  • International Channels
  • Internet - Wifi
  • Living Room
  • Microwave
  • Non-Married Couples
  • Small Fees for Children
  • Smoking Rooms Available
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Yoga Mat
Maximum of 2 Adults, 1 Child, 1 Infant
Bella Comfort 46
฿38,000 - 14 Day AQ
฿30,500 - 10 Day AQ
฿14,800 - 7 Day Sandbox
฿5,500 - 1 Day Test & Go


  • 7-Eleven Purchase
  • Balcony
  • Family Suites
  • HDMI Cable
  • International Channels
  • Internet - Wifi
  • Living Room
  • Microwave
  • Non-Married Couples
  • Small Fees for Children
  • Smoking Rooms Available
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Yoga Mat
Maximum of 2 Adults, 3 Children, 3 Infants
Best Balla B 60
฿40,000 - 14 Day AQ
฿32,500 - 10 Day AQ
฿15,800 - 7 Day Sandbox
฿6,500 - 1 Day Test & Go


  • 7-Eleven Purchase
  • Balcony
  • Bathtub
  • Family Suites
  • HDMI Cable
  • International Channels
  • Internet - Wifi
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Microwave
  • Non-Married Couples
  • Small Fees for Children
  • Smoking Rooms Available
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Yoga Mat

Bella B All Suites is the well-designed functional suites through the finest hospitality and classy facilities.

The Chao Phraya River, the largest port running through Bangkok, and Krung Thon Buri sky train station are conveniently positioned within walking distance.

You will be memorized by the modern and trendy style of our all suites. And experience a different culture of services.

All suites at Bella B All Suites Hotel have a bedroom, a bath room with shower (some of them have bathtubs) and living room, equipped with a microwave and kitchen utensils for warming up meals. Some suites also have kitchen with a dining table.

Amenities / Features

  • Transfer from Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Muang Airport to the hotel
  • Meals a day from selected ASQ Menu
  • Vegetarian menu is available
  • WiFi available 24 hours throughout the hotel
  • Complimentary in room drinking water
  • Complimentary Snacks & Soft Drink (1 Time for AQ Package only)
  • Total 1-3 times COVID-19 tests RT-PCR due to package
  • 24 hours standby nurse service
  • Official COVID-19-free certificate prior to check-out
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Very Good
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Very Good
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1.5 Bangkok View
  • O
  • Wi-Fi
  • Eating
  • Impossible to sleep.big road at 50meter

this hotel is really not good .. as i wrote the food is not good .. the wi-fi very bad and the maximum they did not put back the 4 days that we were staying telling me that it is the government does not want not that we reimburse customers ..... i lost 11,000 THB. never again at this hotel. And believe me I know all the beautiful hotels in Bangkok.

4.7 Bella Comfort
  • Friendly staff
  • Good food- better as other asq hotels
  • Good Wifi
  • Kitchen with microwave and big refrigerator
  • Little loud from traffic, but we know it and it's acceptable.

Good asq Hotel, little loud from the traffic but when the people are always in the room so they have little entertainment from the cars, the train and people, which are to see from the window. Bangkok is a living city

3.3 Bangkok View
  • The staff was extremely helpful and courteous. They were willing to go above and beyond to help me during my quarantine stay and getting settled in Bangkok.
  • Ordering items from outside of quarantine was easy.
  • The wifi was extremely problematic, therefore hotspotting from my phone the whole time was necessary. This was for any basic use of the internet.
  • The food portions were sometimes quite small or plain.

Overall a good experience - having the one bedroom apartment was helpful to keep work/life spaces separate over the two week duration.

5.0 Bangkok View
  • Reliable wifi
  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Employees are ready to help all the time
  • Careful and safe with COVID measures
  • A large range of western and Thai food on the menu everyday
  • Snacks and coffee were complimentary

This hotel was great compared to its low price and I had a lovely and comfortable stay. The staff also try their best to respond to our needs and request quickly. It was also very reassuring to see the staff take COVID measurements very seriously.

The food was also good as there were many options from western to Thai food and I could even reheat my food with the plates the hotel provided with a microwave, which came in very handy. The hotel also has dishwashing soap so that you could wash your plates after reheating and eating your food!

5.0 Bangkok View
  • Lovely, hardworking staff
  • Delicious thai food (with many other options)
  • Strict Covid measures
  • Beautiful bangkok view
  • Large room
  • Very clean
  • Frequent temperature check-ins
  • Could order in food or parcels
  • Wish quarantine was shorter for vaccinated guests
  • The covid tests hurt

My stay was very comfortable thanks to the large space, great food, and well-organised staff. Although there was no outdoor time allowed (as per the Thai government's guidelines), I kept myself occupied by watching A LOT of movies. Ordering in food is very convenient when you're having specific cravings, although the hotel's food is already very good (I'm not very picky). Coffee and fizzy drinks (Coke, Sprite) are complimentary as well as toiletries so you won't have to pack all that if you don't have space. I believe you can request to buy things from 7-11 too if you need anything specific.

Be prepared to get bored- spending two weeks in a room isn't always easy, but I expected it to be worse that it was. The management team is very good at what they do, and clearly have a lot of experience with ASQ. I would stay here again if I ever have to self-isolate.

5.0 Bangkok View
  • Spacious Room
  • Quick WiFi
  • Could order food deliveries from Grab, Line Man etc
  • Lots of complimentary snacks, soft drinks and items
  • Excellent staff who go out of their way to help service you
  • Staff were very cautious and followed AQ measurements
  • There is a microwave where you could reheat your own food
  • Felt bored because it was quarantine; wish the quarantine period was shorter

The room was big and very spacious for 1 person and it was clean when I arrived. All the meals I had were excellent (especially the Thai food!) and there were 3 options you could choose for each meal, which made sure I would never be bored of the food. Sometimes when I decided to eat my meals a bit late, I could microwave my food with the dishes they provided to have warm food, which was very convenient. In addition there was also good wifi for me to use all the time. The staff were very prompt to answer my questions and helped me when I needed something. When I had to go do my COVID tests, the staff were also very cautious and followed the AQ measures very carefully which made me feel very safe and reassured.

5.0 Bangkok View
  • Amazing food
  • Very Spacious
  • Comfortable
  • Generous staff
  • Many food options
  • Lots of privacy
  • Good Covid safety
  • Cleaning is thorough
  • Sofa bed
  • Toiletry provided
  • Could not use balcony if not in a smoking room

Thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Bella B, staff are quick to respond to all of your requests and will bend over backwards to make your stay as good as it can be. There is a wide selection of food you can choose from every day and even if you pick your meals up late, there is even a microwave so you can heat it up, no food wasted! Ceramic plates and cutlery were also provided so you won't have to eat from styrofoam if you don't want to.

My room also had a smart TV so I was able to watch Netflix on a bigger screen. You may need to ask for this specifically.

The room feels spacious and is very good for the given price. Families may need a bigger room (since you'll be sharing for 2 weeks). Bringing something to do like knitting or a game console would be perfect. The sofa is comfortable to sit on and would be nice for smaller children to sleep.

Complimentary soft drinks are also available in the fridge, just an added bonus! The management team is very generous.

4.2 Bangkok View
  • Food was good, microwave and plates+cutlery were provided so I could have proper hot meals at any time.
  • Sofa bed was convenient for lounging, though it was too small to sleep on. Would be fine for children.
  • Complimentary soft drinks and snacks are available.
  • Room cleaning was also thorough and fast.
  • Wifi was very slow, depended on data most of my stay.
  • Noise from the road was non-stop near the front of the hotel. Other rooms on the opposite side would not have this problem.

The room felt quite spacious and comfortable the whole duration of my quarantine. Staff were quick to reply to any enquiries or requests on Line. There were also many food options ranging from asian to western. However, some meals were delivered cold (probably due my oversleeping or they many guests staff need to tend to) but they could be heated in the microwave so no food was wasted nevertheless.

4.4 Best Balla B
  • Size of apartment
  • Good food
  • Excellent service with staff going to great lengths to cater to your requests
  • Deliveries allowed
  • Balcony
  • Very noisy, the double windows act like an echo chamber
  • Dodgy WIFI… forget streaming after 6pm and on Sundays
  • It’s ASQ…

The staff bends over backwards to help out with requests. When one of my outside orders didn’t arrive, the concierge went over the cctv footage so that I could present proof and get reimbursed for the missing order. When my internet connection started breaking during a meeting, they sent someone to plug my computer to an Ethernet line. GET A BALCONY, it will help you keep your sanity, And get a bottle of your favourite poison from the duty free shop before flying into Bangkok…

4.3 Bella Comfort
  • Thai Food is delicious!
  • Very accommodating to requests
  • Can order from Grab, Food Panda not just 7-ELEVEN
  • 2TVs
  • Provided Ethernet cable when wifi became problematic
  • Complimentary items and surprise treats are a nice touch!
  • Noisy, noisy, noisy
  • American breakfast not as filling as Thai
  • Excessive use of styrofoam
  • Wifi unsteady
  • Balcony unusable
  • Can’t get “outdoor time” after negative COVID test
  • Thermometers are reused
  • Carb heavy meals-Need more vegetables

Reading the reviews of other places, food taste is a major complaint but not here! The Thai food is sooo good! Compliments to the chef! See the photos of food menu with 3 options per meal provided by the hotel down below. Meals are 7am, 11am, 5pm. The microwave definitely comes in handy so you can eat on your own schedule.

However, the meals are ALOT of carbs and not enough vegetables. Maybe if more people ask for a side of veggies (60baht) they'll make it a part of the a la carte menu they have. The American breakfast not as filling but you can always order from Grab or FoodPanda. The excessive use of styrofoam (especially when some dishes are served on paper plates and bowls) is saddening. The long term environmental effects of a short term public safety solution should be considered. There should be an option to switch to dishware after first or even the second negative covid test.

Bring a hobby- puzzles, books, crotchet, origami with local newspapers, resistance bands for exercise, etc. Dont expect to be entertained by the TV. The one English Channel is global news. Get a Firestick, Chromecast, Roku, HDMI cable to your laptop. Something.

Yes, there are several wifi ports to choose from, but after 6pm, like clockwork, you will find yourself playing “toggle the wifi” as they all becomes inconsistent and device specific. The majority will have one signal strength and the ones that do have a strong signal will work on Android but not iPad or vice versa. Oddly, during the day, I did not have this problem.

Half way through my stay ,the wifi became unbearable and they brought me an Ethernet cable and adapter and it was way better! I could stream without constant buffering. The point is, they are accommodating to requests. Just ask!

Ask for the corner unit as you will gets lots of light and definitely request a room away from the main road. The biggest negative of this place is the traffic is very noisy! Yes there's a balcony but you’re not allowed on it and the traffic noise is only louder and the air stuffier. ( There are no outside time breaks as mentioned in other reviews). If the traffic noise gets too unbearable go in bedroom and close door. The bedroom is much more insulated as it has double paned windows with heavy curtains. You could also just bring your own earplugs or noise cancellation headphones.

The only time you o will get to leave the room is for three COVID tests.

Laundry soap, bottles of water, complimentary soda, small bag of chips and nuts, basin to wash clothes, broom and dustpan are provided. Download the LINE app to communicate with hotel and use the app to send a photo of your temperature twice a day.

Bring your own thermometer- They asked for the provided thermometer back so they could reuse it. Yikes! 😮. It was disappointing to discover this on my last day considering how well they maintained the COVID protocols the entire two weeks.

Overall, I was impressed with the space, customer service and the amenities. I would recommend this ASQ to everyone!

4.8 Best Balla B
  • Very responsive through email before we even left Canada
  • Clearly communicated that in order to have access to a balcony we needed to "be a smoker" and pay extra (which is VERY MUCH well worth it!)
  • Super helpful staff
  • Easily communicated via "Line" app (download it before you get to Thailand if you don't have it already)
  • When we ran out of toilet paper, shampoo, dish soap, etc. I just messaged them on Line and they promptly brought more (no extra charge)
  • We could order extra snacks, fruit, juice, etc. and they would order it for us from the local 7/11 or Tops supermarket and we would pay cash once they delivered it to our room
  • Food was great - for breakfast, lunch and dinner you had 3 different options to choose from - pro tip: don't bother with the "western style" options, you'll just be disappointed, stick with the Thai/Asian options
  • We had a kitchen!
  • The WiFi worked quite well - I was in many Zoom meetings throughout the 2 weeks and my connection only froze a few times
  • The hotel is right beside the BTS (Skytrain) and the on-ramp to the Taksin Bridge, so it is quite noisy with traffic, but it also made great entertainment watching all the motorbikes and cars create 5 lanes out of 3 lanes of traffic! :-)

We were in room 809 which is on their top floor and facing the BTS, it was great for 2 people because the bedroom was in a separate room with it's own aircon unit, TV and wardrobe. There was a dining room table in addition to a living room with another TV, couch, and coffee table. There is also a kitchen with a fridge, microwave, hotplate, kettle and basic utensils. The bathroom has both a shower and a bath tub. The tub looks like it was once a jacuzzi tub, but the jets no longer work. Through the Line app the front desk would always remind us when we had an upcoming COVID test (3 in total throughout our stay) and we had to send them a photo of our temperatures twice a day (morning and late afternoon). We brought our own digital thermometer, but there was one there already in the room when we arrived. Overall it was a pleasant quarantine experience and I would highly recommend Bella B All Suites.

3.3 Bangkok View
  • 1. Employees are enthusiastic in their work. good facilitation
  • 2. have a kitchen with cooking equipment making it possible to cook certain foods
  • 1. The room looks quite old. musty smell and the air conditioner is quite old
  • 2. Food. There are too few menu options. mostly western food I wish there were more Thai food menus. and increase the amount of food more

Overall considered good but would like to improve in the above 2 items some food tastes good But some things are not as tasty as they should be.

3.7 Bangkok View
  • Helpful staffs, nice room
  • Road noise is loud during the day

It’s been a comfort stay at Bella B. Staff are helpful and polite. The room has basic tools and is allowed to order food/ goods from 7-11. However, the noise from the road is pretty loud throughout the day.

4.6 Bangkok View
  • Bella Hotel was very strict with the measures. They followed the whole process. The service was excellent. the food was good too.

I would recommend this suite Bangkok View to single persons in quarantine. The traffic keeps company in a way since we have to stay in the room for 14 days. From the closed windows, you can see activities outside.

4.3 Bangkok View
  • The staff are friendly and polite. Answered all my questions well
  • Good variety of food. Thai and western choices
  • Drinks and snacks were a comfort on the first day especially
  • Orders from 7-11 were delivered fast
  • I had an early flight the next day and the provided some beard with jam the night before.
  • Wifi could be better
  • There were no movie and sports channels

The staff do thier best to assist you in anyi whatsoever. Kudos to the front office staff. One of them speaks English very well which is of great help. Meals were adjusted to my needs. If they improve the wifi and tv channels, it would be a great choice for anyone. Microwave and a separate living area is great especially in quarantine. To all the staff, front office, kitchen servers and cleaners, Good job and Keep up the good work.

4.7 Bangkok View
  • Friendly service
  • Strict COVID measures
  • Comfortable bed
  • WiFi wasn’t too good in the evening

We had a lovely, comfortable stay. The hotel staff was very friendly. The room was nice and clean. Thank you very much!

4.0 Best Balla B
  • Very attentive staff, were extremely mindful of my allergies and even got extra food for me which was very thoughtful.
  • Very good air conditioning.
  • Great range of Western and Thai food on menu.
  • WiFi is not good, the staff were kind enough to get us an ethernet cable but it was still not great even with that.
  • 7/11 run is handy but I ordered an iced coffee and they brought me a glass of milk with ice. I tasted it and it was definitely milk, because the other days I got this it was delicious. They refused to take it back or get another and I was disappointed at their inability to help. I acknowledge that 7/11 made the drink but it was inappropriate to leave me with an improper product and demand payment again for what I ordered.
  • The road is very very noisy.
  • The beds are kind of hard but this is quite normal in Thailand, their beds are actually very comfortable when compared to others I have stayed in.

Good food, very kind staff, not great connectivity service and not exactly quiet and peaceful. But overall I was happy with my experience and would recommend.

4.1 Bangkok View
  • The staff were very friendly, helpful and quick to respond.
  • The room was clean.
  • Provided unlimited coffee, a couple snacks, unlimited water bottles, bucket and washing powder all free.
  • Great to have a separate room with long sofas, table, surfaces, fridge, kettle, microwave.
  • I liked the view.
  • Food was yummy.
  • Had to pay 4,000 extra (30,500 total) to have access to the balcony even though it was advertised with a balcony included in the price.
  • The staff didn't know I was vegetarian even though I had told them a week earlier but they sorted it quickly.
  • Wifi was only OK, cut out a couple times through the 10 days.
  • The bacony is very small.
  • The desk in the bedroom has no chair.

Overall I was happy - it was a good price and had good facilities. There were only a couple things I would have preferred but for the price it wasn't bad at all.

3.4 Bangkok View
  • Plenty of space to move around, all room are suite in this hotel for economy prize providing small living room another section to bed room and fairly good side balcony with open spaces view. Service is friendly front desk they provide Delivery service from 7/11 store.
  • Meal is weak point of this establishment and information at check-in need some improvements starting from reservation it took a little longer than I expected.
  • I didn’t aware of twice a days body temperature report plus there no thermostat in my room on my arrival. And they gave me used one on my second day.

This hotel is little old so expect some older conditions, Netflix or pay cable movie will help. Meal is one of most important of day ( specially if you are lock in for 7 or more days )if they can focus on meal by charging little more for package. It sure beat 5 star rate hotel that you will have to look at the big bed all day!!! For prize you going to pay Anyway I still recommend this place for quarantine just for space and good prize. Just bring your munchies.

4.4 Bella Comfort
  • Comfortable
  • Clean
  • Great staff
  • Wifi occasionally got slow
  • Older hotel with older furnishings

Great option for a bargain ASQ stay. For the price is was a great deal. The comfort suite was very spacious and good enough for working or fitness routines. Corner view had lots of natural lighting and sun in the afternoon. The food choices were good and not too much for waste. 7-11 ordering was a bonus for small indulgences like coffees, snacks and shakes.

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369 Charoen Nakhon Rd, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600

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