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Updated on April 21, 2022
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Total AQ Hotel Rooms 70 Bedrooms
Partner Hospital Piyavate Hospital

Please remember that you must meet all the additional covid entry requirements, and this includes applying for a Thailand Pass to enter Thailand as well.

This hotel is not a Direct Payment Partner yet, and we cannot gaurentee the following things
  • We cannot guarantee secure payment for this hotel.
  • We cannot guarantee secure document handling for this hotel.
  • We cannot guarantee a fast response for this hotel.
  • We cannot guarantee a fast confirmation letter for this hotel.

You will be directly connected to this hotel via email, and they will collect your documents, and request payment.

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Hotel Refund Policy
All bookings are non refundable.


Maximum of 1 Adult, 1 Child, 1 Infant
Executive Suite 52


  • 7-Eleven Purchase
  • Bathtub
  • Connecting Room
  • Family Suites
  • Internet - Wifi
  • Living Room
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Work Space
  • Yoga Mat

Citrus Suites (OFFICIAL ASQ HOTEL – ASQ PACKAGES)is located on Sukhumvit Soi 6, minutes away from the Nana ‘Skytrain’ station and at the heart of one of Bangkok’s most vibrant dining and entertainment zones. Most rooms are equipped with extra-large king beds and twin rooms with two queen-sized beds. In addition, we offer a number of interconnected rooms, making Citrus Suites ideal for friends & family getaways!

Amenities / Features

  • Nasal swab test for Covid-19 RT-PCR (Twice)
  • 24-hour registered nurse on duty
  • Transportation via ambulance to hospital (24-hour service in demand)
  • One way pick up from airport (Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang)
  • Full board meal including breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (selection Authentic Thai or Western Food)
  • Complimentary wifi internet & 43" TV with 2 USB ports
  • Refrigerator, Microwave & cutlery set (For Suite only)
  • Daily Fruit basket for Family Room & Suite
  • Relaxing area outdoor (after first negative result)
  • 24 hours customer service
  • 20% discount on A la carte menu & Laundry service
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If you were a guest at Citrus Suites Sukhumvit 6 by Compass Hospitality, then the hotel, and our viewers would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a detailed review.
LEAVE REVIEW FOR Citrus Suites Sukhumvit 6 by Compass Hospitality
4.3 Premier Suite
  • Organisation bonne
  • Accueil très bon
  • Locaux en bon état
  • Communication très correcte
  • Nourriture excellente
  • Commodités pour 2 personnes parfaites (baignoire et douche) _ Placards et rangements...
  • Wifi Guest un peu capricieux
  • Pas de fenêtre ouvrante pour aérer
  • Vue sur d'autres Immeubles seulement

Je passe un très bon séjour avec ma femme dans cet établissement, très calme et adapté à la situation. C'est un très très bon rapport qualité prix. Je suis content d'y avoir souscris. Le personnel communique bien et est au service du client. J'ai peut-être un avantage, ma femme est Thaï. Mais sans cela je suis certain de ce service rendu pour tous.

4.7 Deluxe Studio
  • Decently good food with vegetarian/vegan options
  • Comfortable room/comfortable bed
  • Responsive to messages
  • Can order from Grab
  • No shady areas on the rooftop so it gets very hot
  • Could have cleaned the room one extra time
  • No real negatives to speak of

I had a positive 7 day quarantine. The hotel accommodated my requests for vegan food and with the exception of maybe 2 dishes, the food was decent and pretty good. The room is spacious enough and the bed is comfortable. The hotel provided enough water for my stay. I would have liked if they cleaned the room more than once, and had more umbrellas on the roof area. Otherwise, there was nothing negative about this experience. Recommended for AQ or test and go.

4.7 Executive Suite
  • The reception and nursing staff were all very helpful and friendly.
  • Super comfortable bed! Soft with nice quality sheets and pillows.
  • Food was decent considering the circumstance, you have the choice between two appetizers and two mains for each meal. Mostly Thai dishes but some Western dishes too.
  • The food portions were quite big. I was often not able to finish everything and had leftovers to snack on.
  • They provided a "Mi" streaming stick upon request for the TV so I could stream Netflix (using my own account).
  • You can choose 2 items from the following options: Yoga mat, Yoga ball, Jigsaw puzzle, Coloring book w/ colored pencils.
  • The bathtub was lovely (only in Premier suite and above, not available in studio).
  • There is a fridge and a kettle, plenty of water and some small snacks provided.
  • Easy to order more snacks or sodas from Food Panda, the reception will bring your order up right away.
  • Balcony with a nice view of the city.
  • There is not actually a microwave in the Premier or Executive suites. The microwave and cutlery set are only included in the Grand Suite. This is not the hotel's fault, the AQ website had listed this info incorrectly. The hotel's official website is accurate.
  • Some construction noise during the day, but honestly it is not that loud and it didn't bother me too much.
  • No alcohol allowed, so you cannot order from a shop. This is part of the government's rules about AQ, not specific to this hotel. I imagine it would be easy to bring in your suitcase though if you were so inclined.
  • There was a power outage that lasted about a minute, but it knocked the WiFi out. It took the hotel a few hours to get the WiFi working again. Signal was good the rest of the time though.

Overall Citrus 6 was a great place to stay. I would choose this hotel again if I needed to do AQ. I'd also be happy to stay there in the future once it is not a quarantine hotel anymore. For being in quarantine, I actually really enjoyed my stay there.

4.8 Executive Suite
  • Meeting at the airport and quick check-in;
  • Polite and kind staff;
  • Delicious food that was delivered warm, there is a choice from the menu plus plenty of bottled water in the room;
  • Cleaning and change of linen/towels 2 times in 10 days quarantine;
  • Large clean room with 2 tvs and 2 air conditioners. There is a balcony with an armchair;
  • You can go for a walk on the roof after 1 negative PCR test. Everyday.
  • Wi-Fi did not work 2 times;
  • Would like a microwave in the room.

I liked everything, I am grateful to the staff and the hotel for the opportunity to visit Thailand at this difficult time.

3.8 Premier Suite
  • well furnished room
  • modern/newish design/fittings
  • modern aircon, can set to fan only
  • had to clean dining table before I could use it
  • nobody likes scanning QR codes etc after 2 days of travelling

Pick up was swift from Swampy and travelled alone, first PCR test en-route to hotel was quickly completed, check in at hotel took a little longer than would have liked after travelling for 2 days, QR code scanning etc took ages. First impression of room was impressive, modern well furnished, tv in each room, very controllable aircon, comfy bed and reasonable view from windows i.e. not 1metre from next hotel. Food was perfect for me as I eat Thai food, I always bring my own coffee and ordered milk from 7/11. Food was never cold and delivered on time as per ordered. Communication with reception and hospital nurse all very easy using their own dedicated LINE contacts. Overall I give Citrus Suites 6 a 90% good rating and I would use again.

4.6 Deluxe Studio
  • very well managing from Airport to hotel
  • modern styled room
  • thai food fresh and good (so you better prefer thai food than western food)
  • menue list is changing every day
  • very pleasant communication to the staff
  • relaxing area on rooftop with great view to city, after 1 PCR test is negative
  • balcony with upgrade to premier suite
  • wifi works well
  • price and vaue fit for this hotel
  • none

For us a very new experience to be in quarantine, but our stay in this hotel was very pleasent We do recommend this ASQ Hotel as a very good choise.

4.8 Premier Suite
  • Spacious Room
  • Expectations for cleanliness and services met
  • Good wifi - enough for my partner to work online
  • Great selection of food thai and western food - delicious
  • Great facilities
  • Communication with with friendly staff was very easy
  • Meal deliveries were late once or twice

Overall, we had an excellent stay here. It exceeded our expectations in every way- the food was great, it was very clean, the staff were considerate and friendly, there was easy communication between us and the staff and the room was comfortable and spacious- big enough for us to do some exercise. Highly recommended!

4.2 Deluxe Studio
  • Well managed as AQ hotel for smooth checkin, daily temperature control with Coste APP and food service with LINE, giving paper of 7days calendar and daily choice of food.
  • It depends on person, but I eat Thai food and the quality was good as standard. Western food maybe not at expected level for western people.
  • Wifi was sort of stable, just frequency to need login was not predictable (Someday necessary or unnecessary).
  • One mistake at my side was misunderstanding the existence of bath tab, which could be important for Japanese. There was only shower room.
  • Noisy as the sidewall thin or there is wooden door connected to next room. I can hear neighbor and same for neighbor. Not very comfort and safe for confidentiality during business meeting.
  • There are covid swab test 2 times on day1 and day6. 2nd test result was informed via LINE. But I was not informed for 1st one. I asked and staff say "sorry I was busy". It is not problem to me, but systematic notification would be expected for better customer satisfaction.
  • And customer can ask to rent treadmill or bike in the room at reservation (with payment and if hotel still have). Although I requested bike, there was no bike in my room and no explanation at check-in.

High rate on the cost performance. (I try calculate,,, 18kTHB, 2 swab test 4kTHB, one meal 200THBx3x7=4kTHB, so one night about 1500THB?) It's good hotel in term of minimum requirement for food, amenity, service. Thus it's recommended. I could choose again if I need to minimize the cost. For the flight of 8-Jan, I requested booking in the evening on 5-Jan and the room was booked in the morning on 6-Jan (not 24hours staffed) successfully. I was lucky as Thailand pass was given after 3 minutes of application this time luckily (normally it has been told as 2-3 days lead time).

3.8 Deluxe Studio
  • After 6-7 hours in my room I went down to reception to hear if they had got my test result. They had, without calling me. So I said: Good, now I can go out and have a beer. Answer was: No you cant, you can't go out and come back. You can check out if you want, thats all. So I took my things and checked out and went to another hotel. Very strange if you ask me.

After 6-7 hours in my room I went down to reception to hear if they had got my test result. They had, without calling me. So I said: Good, now I can go out and have a beer. Answer was: No you cant, you can't go out and come back. You can check out if you want, thats all. So I took my things and checked out and went to another hotel. Very strange if you ask me.

5.0 Premier Suite
  • Staff was very caring, room big and clean, food delicious and everyday different! Before we choose this hotel we saw a lot of reviews and all were just awesome ! Definitely recommend this hotel for AQ.
  • None

Staff was very caring, room big and clean, food delicious and everyday different! Before we choose this hotel we saw a lot of reviews and all were just awesome ! Definitely recommend this hotel for AQ.

4.7 Deluxe Studio
  • Details of 10 day program provided on arrival at hotel reception.
  • Select from menu that changes daily.
  • However, almost all is Thai food, apart from criossant and eggs at breakfast.
  • After 1st PCR result can leave room and go to open rooftop relaxation area.
  • Room facilities good: excellent wi-fi and rain type shower.
  • Provide yoga or exercise equipment in the room on request.
  • Overall, very good value for price, and level of care and service provided, with nurse on duty at hotel.
  • TV channels mainly Thai, but can cast from phone to TV for youtube, etc.
  • Air-con blows towards sitting area which can be too strong sometimes.

I am very satisfied with my asq hotel choice, and found previous guest reviews accurate and helpful with making my choice. Everything was very professionally managed throughout from airport pick up to final check out. I would recommend this asq hotel for professionalism and value.

4.8 Deluxe Studio

I really appreciate the hotel staff's kindness and support. During my 10 days quarantine, I had no problem with anything. Portions of the food are just fine. It was always delivered on time. The hotel staff treated me very well. As a nun, I cannot eat after 12.00 so they were bringing me extra fruits for my lunch every day. They also helped me a lot with check-out, arranging taxi, etc.

5.0 Premier Suite
  • Clean & nice room
  • New furniture
  • Soft & comfortable bed
  • Delicious meals & various choices
  • Good WiFi
  • Service-minded staffs
  • None

I was in quarantine for 7 days ( in the program but really it was 9 days long, didn’t count on the first day of check-in and the last day of check- out), room 404, from 5th-13th Oct 2021.

I would like to thank you all staffs for warmly welcome and took good good care of me. They are really friendly and nice. It was my first time to stay away from home alone for more than a week but I didn’t feel homesick or even feel of staying alone.

For someone who are deciding to choose the ASQ hotel, this is the best one for you. 😊😊

4.9 Grand Suite
  • Great coffee in the morning
  • Spacious room
  • Balcony
  • Great city views
  • Service was on point
  • Delicious food - loved the croissants, Caesar salad, and large portions
  • Honestly, not much. A few times the Wi-Fi dropped during video calls

You won't find a better ASQ deal in regards to space and quality for the money. The room was incredible - beautiful city view, bathtub, balcony, comfortable couch, large kitchen, very hot shower, washer/drier in the room. The bed was also extremely comfortable. Smart TVs in both living room and bedroom. Staff kindly allowed us to use their Firestick so we could get Netflix. Nespresso machine was fantastic, along with fresh coffee in the morning.
Staff were extremely friendly and accommodating. What more can I say? Book at Citrus 6!

3.9 Deluxe Studio
  • Very good service, people very friendly and helpful.
  • Food always COLD, an micro wave should be wonderful.

I should absolutely recommend the hotel to all the people I know. The suite is very clean and beautiful. Except a few minor derails , this is the place to stay for a quarantine, to make it more supportable.

4.2 Deluxe Studio
  • Airport pick-up was waiting as I left the terminal and I was at the hotel in less than 30 minutes
  • Check-in was quick and efficient, and I made it up to my room quickly so I could relax.
  • The room was clean, and the exercise equipment I had asked for was ready for me.
  • The room had an abundant supply of soap, shampoo, and conditioner
  • Citrus Suites permitted 3 different devices on the wi-fi (other hotels have only let me connect 2 at a time)
  • The partner hospital was professional, but still courteous and helped me to set up the automatic connections
  • Line and WhatsApp communications were promptly returned, usually with excellent information
  • Meals were delivered on time, and the hotel even provided reminders
  • The television channels left much to be desired (fortunately I streamed most of my entertainment)
  • The food selections were not as varied as I would have liked (and spicy meals weren't always marks)

I spent most of my time in quarantine working, so I was happy with the wi-fi. The amenities were fine, basically what I expected, though it might have been nice to have a little more variety in terms of snacks and drinks (besides the water which was plentiful). The room was clean and comfortable, with both a hard and soft pillow, which was a pleasant surprise. The staff was helpful and courteous, and happy to meet any reasonable request. The one thing I wish had been better communicated was the fact that my quarantine ended a day before my stay-- but I was not permitted to leave my room without checking out. Since I didn't have a room elsewhere for a day, I ended up with an extra day of quarantine. I will say that unless you like to be alone all the time, quarantine is probably best experienced with someone else. Video and audio calling was okay, but I never really had any direct human contact. All in all, the stay was pretty much exactly what I expected. I probably won't come back to Thailand before the quarantine requirement is lifted-- but that wasn't the hotel's fault.

4.8 Executive Suite
  • Comfortable bed
  • Great bath tub
  • Nice balcony
  • Good food
  • Exercise bike provided
  • Friendly & helpful staff
  • Accomodating of my needs

If you have to do quarantine, this is a great place to do it. I had a suite, which was very spacious with a balcony ( I highly recommend this!) and also an exercise bike. The staff at the hotel were very pleasant and helpful, accomodating my every need- eg. Extra plates, cups & proper cutlery, yoga mat, yoga ball, sheets to cover the sofa and so on. It's also a convenient location if you want to order Grab food or groceries, and I had a few deliveries from Lazada as well- including a small speaker, which improved the ambience no end!

4.8 Deluxe Studio
  • Really helpful staff and decent food!
  • Nothing

We had a comfortable stay and the staff were great. The suites are well appointed. Good Thai food :)

3.9 Deluxe Studio
  • The staff is efficient, clean rooms, supplies are refilled on request, comfy beds, nice hot water shower
  • The furniture is outdated, pool area is small, therefore not enough space to walk when you get your time to go outside.
  • No good view outside as surrounded with buildings. Food menu is not so attractive, very few options, each week same menu.

Overall experience is good, happy with the service. Friendly staff, helpful, medical staff was also good.

4.5 Executive Suite

To stay 15 days in quarantine seems to be hard but to stay in citrus suites makes it really easier😊

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